Mohamed Merah said he would experience an “infinite pleasure” from his actions — (M Société)

SSRI Ed note: Man on several psych meds goes on shooting spree, shoots 7, is shot and killed by police.

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M Société

Mar 25, 2012

Thursday, March 22 Mohamed Merah, fell in a hail of bullets in a RAID after shooting seven people, after telling police who sought his surrender that he regretted not “going back to the Jewish school” which would have enabled him to kill more children, according to comments reported by Journal du Dimanche.

According to the weekly, citing police who participated in the negotiations, the murderer confessed experiencing an “infinite pleasure” during his murderous actions.  To maximize the extent of his kamikaze actions, he would not want to stop to “see his victims,” to “touch” or to film them, according to investigators. “He said he had not gone through formal military training camps, but had been trained to operate a certain way,” an investigator told the newspaper. During his training, “the young man asserts that his teacher wanted him to commit attacks in Paris, but chose to start in Toulouse.”

He felt that “killing a French soldier in France would have the same impact as ten French soldiers being killed in Afghanistan.” Among the targets he had identified include the head of the Toulouse anti-crime police and the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI) who had questioned him on his return from Pakistan brigade. In late February, he rented two cars “were pre-positioned so that it can continue its murderous road movie,” said a police officer .

He also tried to exonerate his brother Abdelkader who “never stopped saying that he did not trust him,” according to police.  Denying being influenced by his elder brother about his faith, he presents himself as a “self-taught Islamist” who read the Koran “alone in prison.”  His brother will face justice Sunday morning, while his wife was released after four days of police custody.

Excerpts from Merah’s January 15, 2009 trial for driving offences:

Testimony of Psychological expert

Indicted: Mohamed Merah

Charges: Repeated refusal by driver of a motor vehicle to comply with a demand to stop. Driving without a license.  Operating a land motor vehicle without insurance.

Court of: Mr. Serge Lemoine

Vice-President acting as President of the Toulouse Correctional Tribunal, 3rd Room

Expert: Alain Penin

He recalls the impact of his psychiatric treatment: Psychotropic drugs and sleep aides were prescribed to him, and products “to calm his stress”.  (He tells us and we have confirmed that he was hospitalized in the psychiatratic unit of Marchant hospital from December 25 to January 8) in an attempt to resolve his self-absorption (?)


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Mohamed Merah aurait affirmé éprouver un “plaisir infini” à ses actes

Le Monde

fr avec AFP | 25.03.2012 à 09h15 • Mis à jour le 25.03.2012 à 12h08

Mohamed Merah, tombé jeudi 22 mars sous les balles du RAID après avoir abattu sept personnes, avait déclaré aux policiers qui tentaient d’obtenir sa reddition qu’il regrettait d’avoir manqué “la rentrée des classes à l’école juive” ce qui lui aurait permis de tuer plus d’enfants, selon des propos rapportés par le Journal du Dimanche.

Selon l’hebdomadaire, qui cite des policiers ayant participé à la négociation, le meurtrier aurait avoué éprouver un “plaisir infini” au cours de ses actions meurtrières. Il ne voulait pas finir en kamikaze pour pouvoir multiplier les actions, “voir ses victimes”, les “toucher” et les filmer, selon les enquêteurs. “Il a dit qu’il n’était pas passé par des camps d’entraînements collectifs, mais avait été formé sur mesure, une sorte de cours particulier”, a affirmé au journal un enquêteur. Au cours de cette formation, “le jeune homme assure que son instructeur voulait qu’il commette des attentats sur Paris, mais qu’il avait choisi de commencer à Toulouse.

Il avait le sentiment que “tuer un soldat français en France aurait le même retentissement que tuer dix soldats français en Afghanistan. Parmi les cibles qu’il avait identifiées, figurent le chef de brigade anti-criminalité de Toulouse et une policière de la direction centrale du renseignement intérieur (DCRI) qui l’avait interrogé lors de son retour du Pakistan. Fin février, il avait loué deux voitures qui “étaient pré-positionnées pour qu’il puisse continuer son road-movie meurtrier”, a précisé un officier de police.

Il s’est aussi efforcé de mettre hors de cause son frère aîné Abdelkader en qui il “n’a pas arrêté de répéter qu’il n’avait pas confiance”, selon les policiers. Réfutant l’influence de son aîné sur sa foi, il se présente comme un “autodidacte de l’islam qui a lu le Coran “seul en prison”. Celui-ci doit être déféré devant la justice dimanche matin, tandis que sa compagne a été relâchée après quatre jours de garde à vue.

Extraits du procès-verbal pour infractions de conduite de Merah:

Le 15 janvier 2009

Expertise Psychologique

Mis en examen: Merah Mohamed

Qualifications:   Refus par le conducteur d’un véhicule d’obtempérer à une sommation de s’arrêter en récidive.   Conduite d’un véhicule sans permis.  Circulation avec un véhicule terrestre à moteur sans assu

Cabinet de: Monsieur Serge LEMOINE

Vice-Président faisant function de Président du Tribunal Correctionnel 3me chamber de Toulouse

No du jugement: 1417/08

Expert:   Alain Penin

Il évoque, pour que l’on comprenne sa tension, le suivi psychiatrique don’t il se pretend l’objet: des medicaments psychotropes et inducteurs du sommeil lui auraient été prescrips ainsi des produits “pour calmer le stress” (il nous apprend et nous y reviendrons qu’il a été hospitalise en psychiatrie à l’hôpital Marchant du 25 décembre au 8 janvier dans les suites d’une tentative autolyse.


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Toulouse and Montauban shootings – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Toulouse and Montauban shootings were a series of three gun attacks targeting French soldiers and Jewish civilians in the cities of Montauban and Toulouse in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France in March 2012.[2][3][4] In total, seven people were killed, and five others were injured, four seriously. The perpetrator was shot and killed after a 30-hour siege with police.

The first attack occurred on 11 March, when a Muslim French paratrooper was shot dead in Toulouse. A second attack on 15 March killed two uniformed soldiers, also Muslim French, and seriously injured another in a shopping centre in Montauban. On 19 March, four people, including three children, were killed at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school.[5][6] Thereafter, the Vigipirate, France’s terror alert system, was raised to its highest level in the Midi-Pyrénées region and surrounding departements.[7] The United Nations,[8] many governments around the world,[9] and the French Council of the Muslim Faith condemned the attacks.[10]

The perpetrator was identified as Mohammed Merah, a 23-year-old[11] French petty criminal, of Algerian descent.[12][13][14][15] Merah attacked French Army personnel reportedly because of its involvement in the war in Afghanistan. Merah admitted antisemitic motivations,[16] and said he attacked the Jewish school because “The Jews kill our brothers and sisters in Palestine.”[17][18][19]

Merah was raised in an “atmosphere of racism and hatred”,[20] and French investigators believe that Merah turned to Salafism in prison and his radicalization increased after two journeys he made to Afghanistan and Pakistan.[13][21][22][23] Some sources have also cited Merah’s familial connections to Al Qaeda[24] and his history of psychological issues[15] as factors in the shootings.[25] Merah said he was a mujaheed and claimed ties to the terrorist group al-Qaeda,[26] though this has been denied by French authorities.[27][28] President Sarkozy described the attack as isolated.[29] The police investigation suggested that he was not working alone and had made more than 1,800 calls to over 180 contacts in 20 different countries, in addition to several trips to the Middle