Good Cop, Sad Cop — (Seattle Weekly News)

Original article no longer available

Seattle Weekly News

by Philip Dawdy

March 30, 2005

Meet former King County Sheriff’s Deputy Angela Holland. She was a great street cop with numerous commendations and a spotless record. But she was mildly bipolar, so they fired her.

Perps must have done a double take when Deputy Angela Holland popped out of her patrol car. It was the usual white Crown Victoria with “Sheriff” in big green letters on the side, and perps know how hot the hood of a King County Sheriff’s patrol car feels. But a 5-foot-6 cop with blue eyes and blond hair pulled back in a ponytail? That was different. So, too, was Holland’s manner, as bright and perky as a corporate publicist. Of course, she could go from Deputy Friendly to Deputy Hard-Ass on a dime. She was a cop, after all.

Holland, 30, shape-shifted like that all the time while on patrol just south of the Seattle city line in the unincorporated parts of South Park and White Center, known to some as “Rat City,” as well as in a healthy slice of the unhealthy sides of Burien and SeaTac. There were a lot of rats in those parts. Gangsters of every ethnic stripe, crack dealers, meth heads, murderers, rapists, and folks gone crazy from drink and d