Jodi Henry Acquitted of Attempted Child Murder — (

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SSRI Stories note:  Ann Tracy, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Intenational Coalition for Drug Awareness, has confirmed that this woman was on the antidepressant Zoloft at the time of this tragic incident.

Jodi Henry Acquitted of Attempted Child Murder

A jury has just acquitted a Valley mother accused of trying to kill her two daughters.

Prosecutors say Jodi Henry laced her daughter’s ice cream sodas with prescription medication.

They claimed she was angry and depressed and planned to kill herself as well.

Both Alana and Nikki survived. Their mother’s attorney says she never intended to kill the girls. But the anti-depressants she was taking gave her insomnia and that led to what he calls a “psychotic break”.


Original article no longer available

Mom accused of trying to poison daughters talks

12 News KPNX-TV NBC affiliate Phoenix

June 1, 2001

A Valley mother accused of trying to kill her two daughters with poisoned ice cream sodas talked for the first time from Estrella Jail, where she is being held on charges of two counts of attempted murder.

Jodi Henry told 12 News reporter Dawn Witt that she was not trying to kill her two daughters. Her attorney says she was not in her right mind when the incident occurred. Jodi says “I never intended to hurt my babies. I love my children dearly.”

In October Jodi made ice cream sodas for herself and her two daughters, 4-year-old Elana and 10-year-old Nicole. Police say Jodi decided to kill herself. After adding tranquilizers and anti-psychotic medicines to her ice cream soda she then decided she was going to kill her own daughters. So she added the medication to her daughters ice cream, as well.

Both girls were soon unconscious. Jodi does not agree with the police version of what happened. “I deny all the charges that have been made against me. I never, never intended to
hurt my children.”

Police say two days after the poisoning Jodi told them she wanted to take her children with her because she did not know what would happen to them when she left this world.

Henry’s attorney says she was not properly medicated for her depression that day and therefore should not be found responsible for her actions.

But in the police report – she tells an officer she put medicine in her daughter’s water – as well as the ice cream sodas…Because she knew Elana had not eaten enough of it to ‘do the job’.

Bernardo Garcia says his client ” … was not well that day – she did not understand her actions.”

Jodi says she is “..pleased that my children and I survived this tragic situation.”

Jodi Henry’s mother and father walked in and found the two young girls passed out – they called 9-1-1.

The girls and Jodi were taken to area hospitals, and all three survived.

Jodi’s trial is set to start this summer.