Mother Held In Alleged Attempt To Kill 2 Girls — (Boston Globe)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressant medication attempts murder-suicide of herself and 3 young daughters based on paranoia - false belief they all had AIDS.

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Boston Globe 

December 31, 1992

Author: Associated Press

BERLIN, Conn. — A 35-year-old woman has been charged with trying to kill her two daughters by lacing their breakfast drink with an overdose of antidepression medication. Diane Faust was arraigned Tuesday. According to court documents, the woman believed that she had passed on the AIDS virus to her two young daughters and tried to kill herself and them earlier this month. She is charged with two counts of criminal attempt to commit murder and two counts of injury or risk of injury to children.

Faust and her two daughters, Megan, 5, and 4-year-old Lindsey, were found semiconscious in their home on Dec. 8.

According to the arrest warrant, Faust dissolved some of her anti- depression medication in glasses of chocolate milk for the girls, then swallowed an overdose of the medication herself.

Faust, who had been a patient at New Britain General Hospital since the overdose, was released Monday and immediately arrested by police.

The two girls, who were treated at Yale-New Haven Hospital, were released Dec. 12 and turned over to their father, who has been separated from his wife for two months, police said.

Faust was being held on $100,000 bond at the state’s Niantic prison for women and is scheduled for a court appearance Jan. 12.

Berlin Police Lt. James Wild said he had no information on whether Faust is infected with the AIDS virus.

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