‘Depressed’ woman burns self, kids — (The Times of India)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants sets herself and her 3 children on fire, one daughter is rescued and survives for at least a few days, others die.
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The Times of India

30 Jul 2007, 0226 hrs

AHMEDABAD: A woman, apparently suffering from depression, set herself and her three children ablaze at Pathan ki Chali in Maninagar. According to police, the woman Shanaz Bano was also under medication for depression.

Sources said that she closed her room from the inside and poured kerosene on herself and on her three sleeping children – a daughter and two sons after which she set them and herself on fire.

As the door was closed, neighbours managed to douse the flames and then break in with great difficulty. All four were rushed to LG hospital.

According to the medical staff, Naeem(3) and Nadim(13) succumbed to their burn injuries in the hospital while the mother died later.

The daughter, Anjum Ansari(9) is in a critical condition, battling for life with severe burn injuries and is under round-the-clock medical supervision.

HL Patel, police inspector, Maninagar police station said that Bano’s husband, Saiffudin Ansari, works with a tailoring firm in Saudi Arabia and was in Ahmedabad three to four months ago to meet his family, during which time he had also taken his wife for a medical check up. Besides depression, police is probing all possible angles.