Cops: Mother Crashes Car With Kids, Drugs Could Be Cause — (

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Posted: 6:17 pm EDT July 30, 2011Updated: 7:44 pm EDT July 30, 2011

MAITLAND, Fla. — An Orange County mother is in jail Saturday night after police said she’s accused of driving under the influence of drugs and crashing her car with her two little girls in the backseat.

Brenda Singletary crashed into a sign along U.S. Highway 1792 in Maitland in front of a Publix supermarket.

Singeltary admitted to police that she took pain pills before getting behind the wheel.

The woman told police she was on Oxycodone and Zoloft when she crashed her car around 7:00am Saturday.

Singletary told police she was taking her daughters to breakfast at McDonald’s. However, the family wound up in the Publix parking lot instead after police said Singletary crashed her car into a sign along 1792.

According to the arrest report, Singletary told police that she turned around for just a moment to speak to one of her daughters and the next thing she knew, she plowed down a street sign and ended up with a broken windshield.

The arresting officer said he suspected that she was on drugs.

Eventually, police said she admitted to him that she had taken Oxycodone and Zoloft.

“Well I don’t think it’s good at all and I think something should be done about that,” a resident said.

“It think if she’s on drugs she should be be charged with child neglect. It is neglectful to put your children in your car and drive around if you’re on drugs,” another resident said.

Singletary was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center for observation.

While at the hospital, she managed to slip out of her handcuffs and run to a bathroom where she locked herself inside, officials said.

“Shocking. Extremely shocking,” a resident said.

Police said Singletary is charged with DUI and cruelty toward children. Her daughters were in child restraints and weren’t hurt.

Singletary is still behind bars Saturday night.