Mother & Daughter Commit Suicide Together — (14 News)

SSRI Ed note: Suicidal mom on antidepressants talks daughter, into suicide pact. They buy rifles, shoot selves. Depression blamed. Coroner seeks reason for suicide increase.

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14 News

Updated: Jan 23, 2008 11:17 AM CST

Reporter: Alex Shabad

New Media Producer: Nick Storm 

Update, 5:15 pm Tues: With the suicide of a mother and daughter Monday, along with last year’s jump in suicides, the Vanderburgh County coroner’s office is trying to find the reason why so many people are taking their own lives.

Bonnie Rinks, Mulberry Center Clinical Coordinator says, “There are just all kinds of questions I have and I’m sure the public has.”

Like why, 60-year-old Karen Vogler and her daughter 28-year-old Krystal drove from Jasper to Evansville, bought two rifles, and drove to an area near the Ohio River and shot themselves.

The coroner’s office tells 14 News, the mother had tried before to talk her daughter into suicide. Annie Groves, Chief Deputy Coroner, Vanderburgh Co., says, “If my daughter called and I was depressed I can’t imagine me calling my daughter and saying, the conversation get brought up, that my daughter and I drive away buy a gun, and go kill ourselves together.”

Vanderburgh County Coroner Annie Groves says Krystal had just gone through a major loss. Annie says, “She’s had a recent miscarriage and that kind of put her in to the state of depression, that was one of the things we found out through the investigation.”

Bonnie Rinks says there are always signs. Bonnie says, “When someone is severely depressed there are definitely signs and symptoms family and friends notice, many times they don’t exactly know what they mean.”

So, a questionnaire asks questions of the family and friends, like when did you last speak to the deceased? Had the decedent complained of being tired? Any recent loss of appetite? Just some of the questions, the coroner’s office hopes will answer the bigger question, why have suicides in Vanderburgh County reached some alarming rates?

There is a suicide emergency line people can call if they need help, it covers Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey, and Gibson Counties. The number is: 812-423-7791.

Experts also say a combination of medication and therapy is often needed.

Reporter: Marianne Lyles
New Media Producer:Nick Storm

Update, Mon 9:13 pm: Authorities have identified the two deceased subjects found Monday in Vanderburgh County. The Vanderburgh County coroner has identified them as Karen Vogler, 60 and her daughter, Krystal, 28.

Update, Mon 5:00 pm: The bodies of a mother and her daughter are found in a car near Old Henderson Road. A remote area near the Ohio River.

Investigators say it’s not a case of murder. Or murder suicide. The coroner’s office has ruled it a double suicide.

Authorities are saying the mother had been talking the daughter into taking her own life for some time.

The mother and daughter were reported missing to Jasper Police. Authorities are saying the 27-year-old and 60-year-old purchased shot guns from a local Wal-Mart on the 19th. The women drove to Old Henderson Road and shot themselves in the head.

Deputies say a neighbor drove by Sunday morning and saw their vehicle. That same neighbor saw the car again Monday with the women inside and called 911.

The coroner’s office is reporting the women have a history of depression, but the daughter recently had relationship problems. Authorities believe the daughter finally agreed to go along with her mother’s request.

Annie Groves, Vanderburgh Chief Deputy Coroner, says, “The mom has at one other time tried to talk her daughter into committing suicide, to take her own life and apparently the last three weeks there’s been some changes in the girl’s life, and she finally said yes and they purchased guns, and they killed themselves.”

Anti-depressants were found in the vehicle. The daughter was in the driver seat and coroner’s office says the 27-year-old may have driven to Vanderburgh County because this is where an ex-boyfriend had lived.

Update, 1pm: Vanderburgh County Deputies and the Coroner’s Office are investigating two bodies found in a vehicle Monday morning.

The vehicle was at the intersection of Old Henderson and Newman Roads in Union Township. ( MAP).

Vanderburgh County Chief Deputy Coroner Annie Groves tells 14 News that the incident is a double suicide, involving a missing person’s case of a mother and daughter out of Dubois County.

Why did this happen? 14 News reporter Marianne Lyles will have complete coverage on 14 News at 5 Monday.