Mother Kills 5 Year Old Daughter and Herself

Paragraphs 12 & 13 read:  "From their conversation, it is an open secret that Tan suffered from depression."

Tan’s husband also told reporters that she was on medication.

Thursday February 10, 2011

Flat residents shaken by recent tragic deaths


SERDANG: Residents of Pangsapuri Aman are haunted by images of the sprawled bodies of a mother and child who fell from the flats, in what is widely believed as a murder-cum-suicide incident.

Although they vividly remember two other suicides involving a man and a woman jumping off the 12-storey flats three years ago, the residents considered the latest case as the most grippling.

Tan Lee Ying, 35, had reportedly thrown her five-year-old daughter Chang Man Ling from the fourth floor on Tuesday.

She later jumped to her death from another open stairway on the 10th floor. Her lifeless body was found metres away from her child, who was sprawled in a pool of blood on the ground.

“I am scared to death,” said a 70-year-old resident yesterday, who dared not even walk up the stairs to her first floor unit as she has to pass by the spot where the bodies were found.

The resident, who declined to be named, said she runs a newspaper stall and could only return home late at night.

“I now insist that my adult son walks with me. I still cannot shake off the image of Man Ling’s body drenched in a pool of blood, from my mind,” she said.

The lady, who has stayed at the low-cost flats for over 40 years, said that Tan and her husband Chang Fook Hwa, 45, moved into the flats about five years ago.

“At that time, Tan was still pregnant with Man Ling. I have seen the child since her birth and watched her grow.

“This whole incident is very disturbing,” she said in distraught.

Life at the flats appeared to have returned to normal as indicated by the sound of mahjong tiles and television sets but the question of Tan’s mental health remained in the lips among the housewives.

From their conversation, it is an open secret that Tan suffered from depression.

Tan’s husband also told reporters that she was on medication.

“She did not mix with any of the neighbours. Instead, she always kept to herself in the house behind closed doors,” said Madam Ho, 50, who stays in the unit opposite Tan’s family.

However, Ho said, Man Ling would frequently pester her mother to let her out so that she could play with Ho’s two grandchildren.

“Almost every afternoon, Man Ling would come over and play with my grandchildren. She is quite a chatterbox and only remain shy in the presence of adults,” said Ho.