Two children found dead in home – Mother taken into custody — (ABC Eyewitness News)

SSRI Ed note: Good mother has miscarriage, is sad, given antidepressants, beats her two young sons to death. Mental illness blamed. Specialist misadvises family.

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ABC Eyewitness News

July 20, 2005

July 20, 2005  – Two young brothers were beaten to death in their Dyer, Indiana, home. Police were called to the home around 10 p.m. Tuesday. The boys’ 30-year-old mother was taken into custody for questioning — but has not been charged.

According to the Lake County Coroner’s Office, nine-year-old Antonio Lopez and two-year-old Eric died of multiple blunt force trauma to the head.

Neighbors said the boys’ mother had a history of mental illness — but never expected something like this.

“Maggie was a very good mother to those little babies. I don’t know what happened,” said Mary Liakos, victims’ neighbor. “She said that sometimes things got too rough for her. She told me sometimes she would sit in the house in a corner and she just — I don’t know — she’d just stare — I don’t know. I didn’t think that this would happen.”

“She had had a miscarriage, and after that the depression set in and really that was it. She was on medication, (went) away for awhile, and then — and then it led up to this,” said Connie Fus, family friend.

The boys’ paternal grandparents, who did not want to talk on camera, told ABC7 that they were also concerned about the boys’ mother. They said they recently took the boys’ mother to see a specialist. That specialist told them she would pose no threat to the children as long as she stayed on her anti-depression medication.

The grandparents shared a poem they said the boys’ mother wrote to her oldest son: “I screamed for 17 hours to have you. Now I scream 17 hours at you. Where has the love gone? Why can’t we get along?”

On Wednesday, a classmate of Antonio’s came by the home to leave balloons.

“He was a very nice boy,” said Zach Vesci, victim’s classmate.

“Same grade, same age, and I just can’t imagine,” said Chris Vesci, parent.

Dyer police have planned a news conference for 1 p.m., which is when charges are expected to be announced. They said officers had been called to the home twice in the past year before Tuesday: Once for a domestic violence claim and once on a report of child abuse.

Dyer is 10 miles south Gary.