Three deaths investigated as murder-suicide — (The Evansville Courier)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on Prozac takes her 2 sons up to 8-storey parking garage, jumps holding on to them in murder-suicide.

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The Evansville Courier

21 October 1995

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. Police say the deaths this week of a woman and her two young sons after a plunge from the top of a Purdue University parking garage are being investigated as a murder-suicide.

“The investigation is far from complete but information we have today indicates that the mother drove the boys to the rooftop and some how caused them to fall,” T. Grant Kepner, Purdue’s director of safety and security, said in a statement Friday.

Police found Prozac, an anti-depressant drug, in the possession of 44-year-old Kathy M. Kent. Autopsies were conducted Thursday. Results are not expected for several weeks.

Kathy Kent and her sons, Sean, 11, and Kyle, 8, died after their eight-story fall from the Wood Street Parking Garage Wednesday afternoon. Witnesses say the two boys fell first, followed seconds later by their mother.