‘Mother In family tragedy swallowed many antidepressants’ — (Gezondheid.nl)

SSRI Ed note: Mother on many antidepressants kills 2 of her children, attempts suicide.

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This article was automatically translated from Dutch into English.  The headlines read: ” ‘Mother family tragedy swallowed many antidepressants’

August 26, 2008

 The mother Monday in Kapellen her two children killed, many drugs had been pushed by her husband, who is general physician. So say the parents of the mother.  The Belgian Chantal (43), the Junior 2-year old boy and his 4-year-old sister Julie by choking the life, which she tried to commit suicide by jumping out the window.

The father, Marcel van Beeck, a practice in Tilburg.. He was at the time of the tragedy at home. The two had relational problems. The parents of Chantal, the couple Ligot had little contact with their daughter. “”She was always very present, said not much,” they say in the newspaper De Gazet van Antwerpen. The old couple believes that they are heavy to antidepressants Saturday

The mother is in hospital. The father no longer lived in the house. “”It is perhaps our child, but we never forgive,” says Irena Ligot. She also criticized the direction of husband Marcel. “”As a doctor I have no bad word about him, but his family saw him not.” He was a few months ago have gone away with his family and no longer want. Money for his wife and children he would not want give.
The family has more children. Sharon (13), Amy (19) en Glenn (20) . Sharon (13), Amy (19) and Glenn (20) were not home during the drama. They want their father to live.

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