Mother sought treatment, claimed to hear voices before tossing kids out window — (ABC 13 Action News)

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ABC 13 Action News

By Joyce Lupiani.

CREATED Jun 19, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — A Las Vegas mother who threw her two young children out of a second-story bedroom window before jumping herself told police that she heard a male voice saying “throw yourself” before the incident.

35-year-old Luz Robledo Ibarra has been booked in absentia on two counts of attempted murder and two counts of child abuse with substantial bodily harm.

The incident happened just before 6 a.m. June 12 on Spiritual Way, near Lake Mead Boulevard and Walnut Street. According to a report released today by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, police officers found the children’s grandmother holding one of the young children, who was bleeding from the head, upon arrival. They discovered another child and Ibarra nearby.

During their investigation, it was revealed that Ibarra had sought medical treatment on two occasions before that day. On March 6, 2014, Ibarra complained to a local doctor about insomnia, anxiety, pain in her upper back and neck, and told the doctor that she was overwhelmed with responsibilities.

The doctor prescribed Zoloft to be taken at bedtime.

On April 7, the doctor saw Ibarra again. At that time, Ibarra was offered psychiatric treatment at Harmony Clinic but she declined saying she would control it on her own. The doctor made a note that although Ibarra was previously prescribed Zoloft, she had stopped taking it because she did not like it. The doctor also documented that the Ibarra denied suicidal thoughts, but she looked very restless and uncomfortable.

The children’s grandmother told police that she was a resident of Mexico, but she had arrived in March 2014 to help care for the children and planned to permanently relocate. She also told police that Ibarra asked “what did I do, what did I do?” as she lay on the ground after jumping out of the window. Another family member told police that when he asked Ibarra why she had thrown the children out of the window, she told him that “she didn’t want to live anymore.”

The mother and children were transported to University Medical Center.

Both of the children were badly injured, including head injuries. The mother also suffered a fractured pelvis.

During an interview with investigators at the hospital, Ibarra told police that she had never heard voices in the past and denied that she had ever had thoughts of hurting herself or her children. She also told police that she tossed her six-month-old son out the window first, followed by her daughter.