Mother’s alleged drowning of 2 girls baffles dad — (The Associated Press)

SSRI Ed note: Mom on antidepressants drowns her 2 daughters, commits suicide in jail a year later.

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The Associated Press

10:15a.m. Mar 1, 2012

LOS ANGELES — The father of two young girls allegedly drowned by their mother in a bathtub said he’s at a loss to explain what happened, although his wife was beset with anxiety and taking anti-depressants.

“It’s inexplicable,” he said. “I don’t understand what happened. She always took care of the children.” Jose Humberto Taque told The Los Angeles Times.

The funeral for Lindsay, 1, and Marian, 5, was held Wednesday in East Los Angeles. Their mother, Lorna Valle, 33, is currently in jail facing two counts of murder.

Taque said his wife bought the two girls teddy bears and balloons for Valentine’s Day, the day before she allegedly tried to drown them in an infant tub. Lindsay died later that day; Marian died last week.

Besides anxiety, Valle suffered from headaches, burning pain in her stomach and back and tried to get help at clinics and hospitals. “She felt like she was going to die,” Taque said. “Nobody listened to her.”

She once went to the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center and waited eight hours to see a mental health counselor, Taque said. He is considering suing the hospital for negligence.

The county mental health department has no records of Valle seeking treatment, said spokeswoman Kathleen Piche.

Taque says he doesn’t want his wife to go to prison but to receive psychiatric help.

The couple met as teenagers in Guatemala, later married and immigrated to Los Angeles. Valle was employed in a perfume shop; Taque works as a gardener.

The girls will be buried in Guatemala.

Los Angeles mom who drowned two daughters in tub kills herself in jail 

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Lorna Valle, 33, suffocated to death in her cell after putting a bag over her head the day after she was told she get the death penalty if convicted.


By Lee Moran

Friday, April 5, 2013, 8:57 AM

A California mom accused of drowning her two young girls in the bathtub has killed herself in jail, it has emerged.

Lorna Valle, 33, suffocated to death in her cell at the Lynwood jail after placing a bag over her head, reports the Los Angeles Times.

She reportedly died on Feb. 23, but it was not made public by sheriff’s officials until this week.

The suicide happened the day after the Guatemala native was told she could face the death penalty if convicted of the murders of daughters Lindsay, 1, and Marian, 5, last year.

Valle, said to have been suffering from depression, allegedly tried to drown her girls in an infant tub at around 7:30 a.m. on Feb. 15, 2012.

Investigators said the perfume shop worker was only stopped when her husband, Jose Lopez, returned to their south Los Angeles home from picking up groceries.

He called police to the scene, with Lindsay being pronounced dead.

Marian died a week later after gardener Lopez took the heart-breaking decision to switch off her life-support machine.

The couple had been in the U.S. for 10 years.