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by Adam Proskiw – Story: 96135

Aug 5, 2013 / 11:38 pm

A group of around 20 people who were close to 17-year-old Marissa Ginter gathered downtown Kelowna Monday night to remember their friend.

“She was one of my best friends,” said Alex Brooke.  “She was such a good person.”

The candlelight walk and memorial went from Queensway Avenue to one of Marissa’s favourite beaches, near Rotary Marsh Park, where the group sang and talked about their fallen member.

17-year-old Marissa Ginter was found dead Friday morning.

“I miss her a lot,” said Tenille, one of Marissa’s closest friends.  “I cried all day when I heard she died.”

The body of Marissa Ginter was found by her boyfriend Friday morning after a night of partying, and it was quickly assumed that the cause of death was a batch of MDMA that was suspected of sending four young people to the hospital with symptoms of poisoning.

“When I looked at it, it did not look like what MDMA is supposed to look like,” said Brooke W., who took the same drug that night.  “It pretty much just looked like flour.”

Marissa and several friends bought the drugs for $20 on Thursday night and although they all felt ill within minutes of ingestion, their symptoms were limited to nausea and abdominal pain.

Some friends are adamant that Marissa had taken more than just MDMA the night she died and that she combined those drugs with antidepressants for which she was prescribed.

“She wasn’t on just one thing, she was on a few things,” said one friend, who wished to remain anonymous.

Samantha Nicholson claims that she was with Marissa the entire time and saw her do nothing, except alcohol and the drug she thought was MDMA, but agrees that this was an avoidable tragedy.

“I felt bad for not trying harder to get her out (of the lifestyle),” said Brandon Viguers, who dated Marissa until October, 2012 and says he saw early warning signs of abuse.

“I should’ve done more.”

A coroners report and toxicology result has still not been released.