Mum dies from same rare condition that killed her four-year-old daughter — (Manchester Evening News)

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Manchester Evening News

Oct 24, 2013, 08:00

Louise Ann Snape, 35, passed away at her Middleton home, three years after daughter Katie,four, lost her life.

A grieving mother died from the same rare genetic heart condition that killed her little girl. Louise Ann Snape, 35, passed away at her Middleton home, three years after daughter Katie, four, lost her life.

Louise, a  former care assistant, of Rhodes, only became aware she suffered from the condition – which is sometimes known as sudden death syndrome – and had passed it on to her daughters after the girls were born.

Louise suffered from blood clots on her lungs and spent a short time in hospital while the girls were young.

Her sister, Sarah, told the inquest Louise struggled to cope after Katie’s death and when her partner, Simon Williams, the girls’ father, was sent to prison.

Sarah, of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, said: “Losing Katie was absolutely devastating for Louise.

“She usually managed, but sometimes she struggled. I used to go down and help sometimes and she had lots of friends for support. Katie’s death really affected Louise. She became very depressed.”

The inquest heard that Louise, whose mum died from cancer just three days after she passed away, was taking prescribed anti-depressants.

Sarah said she was not aware Louise was ill in the days before she died.

She added: “She probably would not want to worry me if she wasn’t feeling well because I was back and forth with hospital dealing with our mum.”

A report from PC Stuart Lewis, who was called to the family home on the morning after Louise’s death, said that Louise had watched television with her daughter until 10pm the night before her death.

Lauren awoke early to discover her mum lying on the floor and went to a next door neighbour, who called the emergency services.

Toxicology reports found that Louise had no alcohol in her system and that her medication had not contributed to her death.

Recording a verdict of natural causes, deputy coroner Elaine Maloney, told Miss Snape: “Your family has suffered a lot from this condition. I can only pass on my sincere condolences for what you have been through.”