Murders that rocked the nation: lifting the lid on the business of killing — (The Daily Star)

SSRI Ed note: Former aide to Sarah Ferguson goes on antidepressants, has an affair, bludgeons her boyfriend with a cricket bat, stabs him, he dies, she overdoses.

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The Daily Star

By James Moore

For 10 years Jane Andrews, daughter of a carpenter and social worker, worked as personal dresser to the Duchess of York.

But when she was in her early 30s, costcutting meant that Andrews lost her job.

Deprived of the job she loved, she was soon on anti-depressants and her golden brown hair, once dyed red to imitate her former boss, began to fall out.

Andrews had already experienced a rollercoaster love life.

Then on New Year’s Eve 1998, she started a relationship with millionaire businessman Thomas Cressman, which promised to restore her fortunes and her place in society.

Andrews soon moved into his luxury flat in Fulham, west London.

But the relationship was plagued by rows and Cressman soon made it plain he was never going to marry Andrews.

One night in September 2000 after returning from holiday there was a heated argument. That night as Cressman, 39, slept Andrews stripped naked to avoid staining her clothes with blood and then bludgeoned him to death with a cricket bat. She also stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife.

How the case was solved: Andrews at first sent messages to friends denying knowledge of her partner’s fate but then vanished. She was found in her car in a Cornish lay-by having taken an overdose.

The outcome: In May 2001 at the Old Bailey, Andrews, 34, was jailed for life.