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SSRI Ed note: Moms are agonized by teens' suicide attempts, mostly by overdose of psych meds, never wondering if the drugs may be part of the problem.

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My daughter is 15 and attempted suicide by overdose

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Its been a week now and i am lost, i need someone to talk to…
I am questioning everything i do, i cant sleep or eat, just cant stop thinking about what could have been and afraid she might try again

Lisa – posted on 04/16/2013

I am sorry. It has been a month and a half since my daughter overdosed on anti-psychotics. She is 16. We spent 37 hours in the ER and were released because there was not a psychiatric bed available for a child within 150 miles from our location. Like you, I cannot sleep or continue with “normal” life. This was the second attempt in 3 months. To me, life is a surreal dance of life as it is and life as it should be. My daughter is a cutter as well. Others have told me to get help for me, but the truth is, I am consumed finding the right help for her, being a mother for both of my children, continuing to be an educator, a wife, and all that entails. My husband travels and I really do not have the time to find counsel for me. As a cancer survivor, I know that the stress is literally killing me. I am tired and discouraged, like you. You are not alone, thee are too many of us sharing your fears. Please know that together, we are stronger than we are alone. Finding each other is the challenge. No one else can ever comprehend our pain and struggles. I wish you peace.

Claudia – posted on 01/15/2015

So very,very sorry. I understand. My daughter, a bright and gifted beautiful child overdosed yesterday and I feel ashamed that my protection and help wasn’t/isn’t enough. I believe I am to blame as it is my job to make absolutely sure that her life is good and safe, and I truly thought I had. I also know, deep down, very deep down, that I am not to blame and that life today is impossibly hard for young sensitive and bright children to cope with – expectations seem to move too fast for them to catch up with and they feel they have failed. They don’t see the long years of happiness and achievement waiting ahead of them. Meanwhile we, as parents will now never have the blessing of sitting back and relaxing, and just enjoy our children again, but will always be alert, waiting, never resting and enjoying life fully ever again, in case, next time they succeed. I hope your prayer and wishes are heard, just as I hope mine are.
God bless you xx

Connie – posted on 11/17/2014

On Oct 23 my 15 year old daughter tried to commit suicide by taking over 300 different prescription medications. She was in ICU for 6 days, but has now physically recovered. She has now been transferred to the teen psychiatric ward at a nearby hospital. She suffers from depression, and will need cognitive based therapy and other treatments for her to fully recover. I believe the best approach for any parent who experiences are similar to my own, is to find the best residential treatment facility you can afford. I believe the first 3, 6, 12 months are very crucial to having your child heal properly. I am currently seeking residential care and perhaps a wilderness camp for her to participate in. I will write back and let everyone know how it goes. My blessings go out to you!

Hamerj29 – posted on 10/09/2015

My 15 year old daughter overdosed October 7, 2015. She took an entire bottle of Lexapro and half a bottle of Wellbutrin. Thankfully she threw up 5x before she told me when I woke up for work that morning. Immediately after telling me she began seizing. That is a vision no parent should see. She was in ICU overnight. The nurse told her if she hadn’t thrown up she wouldn’t be here today. My daughter suffers from anxiety just I like do, it runs in our family. I think what triggered her was her marching band teacher at school. The teachers treat our kids in band like they’re in basic training. The day before she OD’d, she was gone 16 hours: school, band competition, then back to school Tues and another required performance that night. She missed that performance because she fell asleep after school and slept through it. When she woke up and realized she missed it she was upset and afraid she’d be in trouble with her teacher. That night she overdosed……I have a meeting with the school counselor, band director and principal next week to discuss the effects their rigidity has on our kids. No extracurricular activity is worth a life.

Keary – posted on 01/30/2015

My daughter 16 years old attempted suicide Monday night. I am completely crushed and can’t believe she was hurting that much and I didn’t know it. 🙁 I am haunted with tons of thots and emotions. I love my daughter so much and thank God for her and pray strength and healing over her and other teens who are going through depression. My daughter is in a psych hospital for at least 10 days. She was in the hospital for 2 days for treatment of serotonin syndrome. She took od on zoloft that she got from sch.