New details revealed in mother, son deaths, Police say mom killed toddler then drove into bridge — (KCCI Des Moines)

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KCCI Des Moines

Updated: 11:30 AM CDT Apr 2, 2012

DES MOINES, Iowa —New information has come out in the case of an Indianola mother who police believe killed her son and then herself. Kelli Sly’s mother, Sherri Sinclair, was told by police that her daughter likely killed her 2-year-old son Gavin by giving him an overdose of medication.

Police said there no signs of trauma on the boy’s body, but they found a glass containing an oral syringe in a nearby dumpster. The unknown substance in the glass is being analyzed, officers said. The medical examiner has not yet released Gavin’s official cause of death. Sinclair also said she was told Sly slit her wrists before she drove into a bridge pillar Sunday near the Highway 5 bypass.A new police report obtained by KCCI on Tuesday also showed that Kelli’s husband, Timothy Sly, told police Kelli had a history of trying to hurt herself, including a suicide attempt in November.

The report shows police visited Kelli’s apartment on March 24 after receiving calls from Timothy and Kelli’s mother. Police said that Kelli told them she was mad at Timothy but was not going to hurt herself. After Gavin was found dead by police, they also found a flash drive containing a letter to Timothy from Kelli. Police said the letter was last edited on March 23 at 9:24 p.m.

During an interview with police, Kelli’s mother said she believed that Kelli stopped taking her medication for her depression. The report also states that Kelli’s mother told police that she was struggling with her divorce from Timothy, a job loss and her pending eviction from her apartment after a noise complaint about Gavin’s crying.” (Kelli) told me she was just tired of feeling this way, and she just didn’t think things were going to get better. She told me she just truly felt like killing herself,” Sinclair said.