Nigel Henderson stabbed wife Stacey Henderson to death in Chepstow after she began divorce proceedings, inquest hears — (South Wales Argus)

SSRI Ed note: "Depressive" with history of suicide attempts by overdose stabs and kills his wife and himself when she tells him she wants a divorce.

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South Wales Argus

11 Nov 2015

Carys Thomas

WEDDING: Nigel and Stacey Henderson. Photo: Wales News Service

A CHEPSTOW woman who was stabbed in the heart had a ‘volatile’ relationship with her husband and had visited a divorce solicitor the day before her death, an inquest has heard.

Stacey Anne Henderson, 35, and her husband Nigel Mark Henderson, 52, were found dead on June 19,  in the living room of their rented property in Ruffetts Close, Chepstow, at 11.52am.

Gwent Coroner David Bowen sitting in Newport today concluded Mrs Henderson was unlawfully killed.

A post mortem examination carried out by Dr Richard Jones, a consultant pathologist, concluded the cause of death for Mrs Henderson as multiple stab wounds to the chest including the heart and Mr Henderson as stab wounds to the trunk including the heart.

The court heard that Mr Henderson’s wounds were self-inflicted and recorded a verdict of suicide.

Police had to gain entry to the property and found Mr Henderson’s body holding a kitchen knife loosely in his right hand.

Detective constable Claire Offers, of Gwent Police, said during the investigation, police found the relationship between the couple has been ‘turbulent and volatile’ in the weeks leading up to the discovery of their bodies.

Mr Bowen said: “Isn’t it right the picture painted for you of Mr Henderson was that he was obsessed with money and success and had an insane sense of jealously with regard to Stacey.”

Andrew Parry, a forensic scientist, who examined the scene said the blood stains present suggested an assault had occurred near the rear window where Mrs Henderson’s body was found.

Upturned furniture had been found near her body and cuts found on her arms and hands which represented defence wounds.

Marilyn Davies, Stacey’s mother, said the couple often argued and the day before her daughter’s death she had taken her to a solicitor in Chepstow for advice on divorce proceedings. Police found suitcases in the kitchen of the property.

They also found letters written by Mr Henderson, one was dated the first of June which conveyed his ‘changing state of mind’, DC Offers told the court. The letters suggested Mr Henderson was feeling ‘angry and aggressive’ toward his wife.

A second letter was found which had an envelope addressed to Mrs Henderson – this letter had been ripped to pieces and in it Mr Henderson said he accepted his marriage was at an end.

Stephen Henderson said his brother Nigel had tried to take his own life in 2010 before he met his wife of three years. He said his brother also tried to commit suicide on May 20 and 24 of this year by overdosing on tablets.

He said his brother is his later life was a ‘troubled soul.’

Mrs Henderson’s family said they were ‘heartbroken’ and in a statement said: “Stacey was a wonderful daughter, sister, stepmother and auntie. Her passing, to us and the rest of her family and friends is the loss of a loving, caring woman and a beautiful life.

“This is a tragedy we shall never overcome. She will never be forgotten, she will always be dearly loved and greatly missed.”

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Husband stabbed wife to death before turning knife on himself after hearing she wanted a divorce — (The Mirror)

21:21, 11 Nov 2015

By Adam Hale

The night before her death, she and her mother had met with a solicitor to arrange divorce proceedings, who advised her to begin proceedings straight away

Inquest: Husband and wife Nigel and Stacey Henderson were found dead together at their home in Chepstow

A husband stabbed his wife to death before turning the knife on himself after she told him she wanted a divorce, an inquest heard.

Nigel Henderson, 52, and wife Stacey, 35, were found dead at their home in Chepstow, Wales, having both died from stab wounds to the heart.

An inquest into their deaths today heard Mr Henderson was holding the bloodied kitchen knife when police broke into their home.

The coroner was told Mr Henderson had attacked his wife with a knife “in a fit of rage” after she had finished packing her bags, ready to leave him for another man in June this year.

Mrs Henderson tried to defend herself, which left her with slash wounds to her arms and hands.

But her husband managed to stab her several times in her chest and heart.

Richard Swingler The house where the couple were found at Ruffetts Close in Chepstow

Scene: The house where the couple were found

After she fell to the ground covered in blood, he began to stab himself.

The inquest heard that the next morning a neighbour spotted the couple lying motionless on their lounge floor covered in blood.

When police broke into the home they found Mrs Henderson’s suitcase lying at the foot of the stairs.

Mrs Henderson’s mother Marilyn Davies told the inquest the couple married in 2012, but during the course of their relationship they were known for their rowing which could become “nasty”.

She said: “On numerous occasions I witnessed them arguing, which sometimes became physical.”

When they moved to their home in Chepstow Mrs Henderson confided in her mother she wanted to leave her husband after falling in love with a man she had met at a pub where she worked as a barmaid, the inquest heard.

Husband and wife Nigel and Stacey Henderson were found dead together at their home
999 call: A neighbour called police when she spotted the couple’s bodies lying inside the house

The night before her death, she and her mother had met with a solicitor to arrange divorce proceedings, who advised her to begin proceedings straight away.

But Mrs Henderson said she wanted to talk to her husband in person first.

Mrs Davies said: “I told her not to go to tell Nigel because I knew he wouldn’t take it very well.”

Mr Henderson was described by his brother Stephen as a depressive who had tried to commit suicide on a number of previoous occasions with drug overdoses.

He had been subject of a mental assessment in 2010.

Mr Henderson’s brother said: “He was obsessed with money and wanted to live an affluent lifestyle, but couldn’t achieve it.

“It made him unhappy.

“When he knew his marriage was over he was devastated and angry that he couldn’t make it right.”

Detective Constable Claire Offers told the inquest the Hendersons’ relationship had been “turbulent and volatile”.

She said a picture had been painted “of Nigel being insanely jealous with regard to Stacey and completely obsessed with money”.

The coroner recorded verdicts that Mrs Henderson was unlawfully killed and Mr Henderson committed suicide.

Gwent coroner David Bowen said: “I am satisfied no third party was involved.”

A statement from Mrs Henderson’s family said: “Stacey was a wonderful daughter, sister, stepmother and aunt.

“She will never be forgotten and she will always be dearly loved and greatly missed.”