Nurse gave herself insulin overdose — (Kenley Standard)

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Kenley Standard

Published 09/12/13

JENNIFER KILGALLON died after taking an insulin overdose, an inquest heard.

Her body was found in her bedroom at John Astor House, accommodation for the University College London Hospital, where the 21-year-old was a student nurse, on December 6 last year.

Westminster Coroner’s Court heard last Friday how Jennifer had been suffering with depression and anxiety and was taking anti-depressants for six months before her death.

She had begun her job in September last year, which her mother Helen Holbrook said she “loved”.

Her father Prof William Kilgallon and boyfriend Olivier Cavadini said she had seemed “fine” in the days before her death and had been speaking about future plans.

But Miss Holbrook, who spoke to her regularly, said Jennifer sounded “strange and robotic” three days before her death, which was the last time they talked.

She said: “I was concerned because she was so tired and not herself.”

Miss Holbrook later found photographs on her daughter’s mobile phone taken six days before her death apparently showing her attempting to take her own life.

She said: “I was totally shocked because I had never received any indication from Jennifer that she felt that suicidal.”

Laura Chapman, a friend and fellow nurse, said Jennifer had said things that “concerned” her. She said she had problems with her weight, exams and family.

Miss Chapman raised the alarm with managers at her accommodation when Jennifer didn’t turn up for work on December 5 and she could not get in touch with her.

Manager Shamim Hakim and maintenance man Samir Brasovevanu broke into Miss Kilgallon’s flat and found her lying on the floor.

Mr Brasovevanu performed CPR before paramedics arrived but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police found a syringe on her bed as well as more needles and insulin vials around her room.

Miss Chapman said nurses could easily take insulin and syringes from the hospital without having to check them out.

A suicide note and will were later found in a document on Jennifer’s laptop.

After recording a verdict of suicide, the coroner William Dolman told the family: “She was at the start of what might have been a wonderful career and was a keen nurse, there’s no doubt about that.

“I hope you remember the happier times, not the events of that day.”