Insulin injection killed nurse inquest told — (The Derbyshire Times)

SSRI Ed note: Nurse on antidepressants commits suicide by injecting herself with an insulin overdose.

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The Derbyshire Times

A nurse injected herself with a fatal dose of insulin she apparently took from hospital, an inquest heard.

51-year-old Carole Rossington was found unconscious in bed when her daughter visited her Brimington home on April 11.

Mrs Rossington, who had needle puncture wounds in her right leg, was rushed to Chesterfield Royal Hospital in a critical condition.

She died there on May 6 from brain damage after the insulin overdose restricted the flow of oxygen to her brain.

Det Insp Dick Severns told the Chesterfield inquest that Mrs Rossington worked on Murphy ward at the Royal and had been prescribed medication for depression for about two years.

He said there was no control over access to insulin at the hospital because it was not a controlled drug.

It was believed she had taken the insulin from work and packaging and needles relating to insulin were found at her home in Cornwall Close, said Det Insp Severns.

North Derbyshire Coroner Tom Kelly recorded a verdict of death from a self-administered insulin overdose.

The inquest heard that Mrs Rossington had not left a suicide note or indicated to anyone that she intended to take her own life.