Racist man was “on medication”—(berrowsjournal)

SSRI Ed note: Man mixes alcohol and antidepressants, becomes abusive and threatening.

Original article no longer available.


1:20pm Saturday 14th March 2009

By James Connell »

A MAN hurled racist abuse at an off-duty Irish policeman during a night out in Worcester.

Aaron Merry, 22, of Wivelden Avenue, Wilden, Stourport-on-Severn, admitted racially aggravated public order at Worcester Magistrates Court.

He was involved in the incident with the off-duty officer at 8.30pm on Sunday, March 1.

Sarah Stock, prosecuting, said: “He’s of Irish decent and was off-duty when he came across a disturbance.

“A male was trying to fight with people and being held back by two females. The officer spoke to the male and asked if everything was okay.

“He swore at him and said ‘go back to your own country you Portuguese’.

“The officer did not respond verbally apart from saying ‘keep the noise down, there’s children in bed’.

“One of the females was dismissive, saying ‘we don’t care’. The male continued and said ‘I will have you! I will kick your head in!’.

“The officer was concerned for his safety. The defendant was being held back by two much smaller women.”

Miss Stock said he later became involved in a fight with family members and punched a car twice.

At the police station Merry told officers he was drunk and on medication for depression.

She added: “He did accept that he was threatening violence but believed the incident was everyone else’s fault. He didn’t care enough to say sorry.”

No statement was offered in his defence at this stage of the court proceedings.

The case was adjourned until Wednesday, April 8.

The conditions of Merry’s bail are that he lives and sleeps at his home address and remains indoors between 7pm and 7am.

Police can call at his house at any time between these hours to check that he is in.