Oklahoma woman arrested after allegedly stabbing infant — (Stillwater News-Press)

SSRI Ed note: New mom recently diagnosed with post-partum depression (= antidepressants) stabs husband and baby.

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Around 8:45 p.m. on Aug. 15, deputies from the Payne County Sheriff’s Office were called to a possible stabbing of an infant at a home near Yale.

While deputies were on their way to the scene, they learned that family members had rushed the infant to the Yale Fire Department. Investigators say when they arrived, they noticed that the newborn had a laceration to its abdomen.

According to the probable cause affidavit, relatives told deputies that the baby’s mother, Victoria Shane Matheson Lewis, had just been diagnosed with postpartum depression. [which in 2020 means there is a 99% chance she was prescribed antidepressants]

When deputies arrived at the home, they met a relative who said he had been stabbed as well.

The affidavit states that he “observed Victoria [squatting] and saw the infant on the ground. [The witness] stated he saw something in Victoria’s hand, but could not tell what it was. [He] stated he shoved Victoria away from the infant. [He] stated that is when Victoria stabbed him in the chest. [He] stated he took the knife from Victoria and threw it.”

At that point, he says he told relatives to take the baby to the hospital as he subdued Lewis.

He told investigators that she repeatedly said “the devil made me do it” and asked him to kill her.

Lewis was arrested and taken to the Payne County Jail.

The infant was rushed to OU Children’s Hospital and was last listed in stable condition. The witness did not seek medical attention for his wounds.