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By Amelia Dickson, Staff writer

November 6, 2014

The woman accused of killing a former Behavioral Health Resources employee in 2013 pleaded guilty to second-degree murder during a Thursday morning appearance in Thurston County Superior Court. She also entered guilty pleas for three counts of second-degree assault and one count of taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s permission.

Lia Y. Tricomo, a 28-year-old Olympia resident, strangled and slit the throat of her former counselor, John Alkins, after the two had sexual relations at his Sunset Beach Drive home. Tricomo will likely be sentenced in December and she could receive up to 29 years, 9 months in prison. She has been held in the Thurston County Jail since she was arrested May 1, 2013. BHR had fired Alkins in December of 2012 after he “violated BHR policies concerning professional boundaries,” but failed to report the termination to the state. In June of 2013, the state Department of Social and Health Services fined BHR $1,000 for failing to report the incident. The company released a statement from CEO John Masterson on Thursday afternoon. According to the statement, Alkins worked for BHR for 20 years before he was fired. “John’s murder is a genuine tragedy and those of us that knew him continue to grieve his untimely and unnecessary death,” Masterson wrote. Tricomo told Thurston County Sheriff’s detectives that she and Alkins had stayed in touch after he was fired, and that she moved into his house April 29, 2013. Court documents give the following account of the events leading to her arrest: The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office began investigating Alkins’ death on April 30, 2013, after Tricomo called BHR and told an employee that she had stabbed a man the night before. Deputies arrived at the home, at 3814 Sunset Beach Drive NW, and saw blood smeared throughout the house. They found Alkins upstairs in the master bedroom, lying face down on the bed with an extension cord wrapped around his neck. A large pool of blood was on the floor next to the bed. Detectives learned that Tricomo was at Providence St. Peter Hospital. Tricomo told detectives that after she moved into Alkins’ home, he bought her a bottle of vodka and they began drinking that afternoon. The two began having sexual contact that evening. Tricomo said the contact was unwanted, but she never told Alkins “no.” The couple moved to the master bedroom, where Tricomo tried to tie Alkins up. He declined, and she slit his throat with a razor. She told detectives that she hid the razor in the room in the hopes of killing Alkins. When asked why, she said he was a creep. Tricomo said she followed Alkins around the house for several hours, and eventually strangled him with a green extension cord. She then drank more vodka and went to bed.

Olympia woman pleads guilty in 2013 murder | Crime | The Olympian 

The next day, she called BHR to report that she had stabbed someone. She then took Alkins’ car and drove to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in downtown Olympia, where she asked for help. A member of the group drove her to Providence St. Peter Hospital.

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Mcalester matters

Dec 12, 2014


One year after the Iraq war started, my young and innocent daughter Lia was invited to an Iraqi wedding party, as violin entertainment, along with her sweet little sister, just outside of Illahee State Park in Bremerton, Washington; by an Iraqi man. I told them even though we were at war, Iraqi people are nice. I still believe that for the most part.  Lia was only 17 and her sister was 15. After performing, they were given copious amounts of alcohol, and taken out into the park and violently gang raped by members of the wedding party; under two different trees. As they were being dragged away from each other; toward the two trees; my 15 year old called out to her sister; “Where are they taking us?” Lia called back “I THINK THEY ARE RAPING US!” They reportedly attempted to communicate to console each other during the ordeal.

They both refused to have charges brought; because they feared it would only prolong the damage that had been already done. They were treated thanks to Planned Parenthood; just after the rape. Their mother and I wouldn’t be informed of it for two turbulent years! They only told us they had been given alcohol at the party, and had crashed the scooter.  Their legs were cut and bleeding; and they both got MRSA boils around the wounds on their legs; crashing in the escape.

THE DAMAGE HAD BEEN DONE. Bringing the men to justice couldn’t help they reasoned. Lia became depressed and suicidal, attempting to take her own life many times over the years after the vicious rape. She was in and out of hospitals and lock down mental facilities many times afterword. We all thought “Now she is finally in the system; they will help her!” They would keep her under “observation” for a few weeks; and kept letting her go until her next suicide attempt; saying she was fine,  (implied) even though she had stabbed her wrist with a pencil once while in;  while under medication! She was always telling us the drugs made her feel worse.

The deceased was her MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELOR. A “professional” that preyed on vulnerable female patients; He was fired the December before his death, for having been found victimizing another vulnerable female patient. The clinic initially lied about the reason for his dismissal; and were fined $1000 by the State. Although we were unaware of this he continued to see my daughter and invited her to live with him; but wanted her for his own twisted sexual pleasure.

I never met him or spoke with him. He never made any attempt to contact me and Lia wouldn’t allow it. Lia spoke of him on the phone, as her “friend John” (not her counselor) who would take her to sex clubs in Seattle.

Having sex with his rape-traumatized client in public; yet I didn’t know where; but she assured me it didn’t mean PUBLIC, public; until this story correction as of Nov 16, She had told me he was taking her to sex clubs; but I just learned it was an “S and M” group in Tacoma, Washington.  Taking a client to such a place is totally unethical, but shockingly NOT illegal. They put a lot of pins in her back. My other daughter said these images of her back, were online but I never saw them.  It wasn’t something I could even entertain putting in my memory.

It got me thinking a lot more about what I knew about her relationship with her counselor. I had to get to my job was just headed out the door sometime in 2009 or 10; and she showed me her hand with a needle clear through the fleshy part between her thumb and forefinger. “It doesn’t hurt.” she said. “My friend John taught me how and where to do it. It doesn’t hurt really! It’s a mind over matter thing.” I remember telling her “Go take it out.” as I  went out the door.  I lived in Bremerton and she lived in Olympia at the time. she visited when she could and phoned me at times. I wasn’t aware she was in treatment though. She would only tell me she was seeing this guy and that he was over 40, so I just thought he was just some low life… Some  crazy old creep she dug up somewhere. I have lived in Oklahoma for the last 4 years; so information had to be gotten long distance. Harder to piece together.

Crossing boundaries of provider/ client relationship has huge implications; when you figure the mark of a “good” society is measured on the way we treat our most vulnerable; the feeble minded, the elderly, children and mental patients. Did he think his 58 year old penis was the cure for a multiple rape victim? He was a year older at the time than her own father! She was just 27.

On the night before she moved in and killed her former counselor, I got a call that from her, that he had been training her to become a Dominatrix, and had already lined up another ‘client ‘ for her. He asked her to move in with him. She told me he said he wanted to be ‘punished for hurting people as a result of work’. I begged her to move back in with her mother.

The night she moved in; he got her drunk, and she was on the anti depressant Paxil– a bad combination. You know the rest of the story. Sentencing is in December.

This society continues to victimize and vilify women; and it is clear my daughter is being gang raped again by the court; and that of public opinion. I am so sorry for his death; but even death does not absolve his guilt in this, to which my daughter- further victimized by our broken Mental Health system, will pay dearly. She was railroaded into taking a “plea bargain” by the Court team; the Judge; Gary Tabor; who has a history of stiff sentencing for women; the “Defense” and  a two woman Prosecution. She was warned that the sentencing would be stiffer if she went to trial! Someone tried to get the sentencing judge changed, but failed.

She is being charged with 2 counts of murder, and stealing his car to attend an AA meeting where she confessed to the murder; with a maximum sentence of almost 30 years and a minimum of over 20. Still a far cry from their original offer of 50 years. Who had the bright idea of prescribing Paxil?  Another blunder.

Paxil is shown to cause suicide and violence; even murder in some people; (see Paxil warnings after story) and is never recommended for the treatment of anyone who has attempted suicide. It’s effect is intensified if taken with alcohol; and alcohol during withdrawal from the drug can make things even worse!

The State investigation was non existent.  Newspaper reports offer vastly different accounts about physical evidence, and vastly different stories about what allegedly went on.  Authorities only tried to cover up gaping mistakes in her botched care and treatment, and their own “investigation”. There is a real rush to justice, and a lot of blame to go around. I’m sure the State wants this story to never get out; and the media is remaining silent; other than feeding the “She’s a monster” story they want you to hear.

It was not my intention to post this in McAlester Matters; but Facebook removed the post from my wall; then they removed all of the previous McAlester Matters posts from my community page! They restored the stories only after I was forced to post the story on my McAlester Matters blog! It’s no wonder why so many rapes and abuses of women continue to go unreported.

Unbelievably, they don’t even perform a real investigation!  No one ever approached me, to ask me if I knew anything, to be used in her defense. Society seems to just want to write rape traumatized girls off, and be done with it. As a father; I feel nothing but  pain and overwhelming helplessness as she alone is asked to account for all the shame and guilt  for what others have forced on her; and a system stacked against women.

He was training her after all, to be his own personal Dominatrix and It looks to me; he got her too drunk and on Paxil to even know what she was doing. Let’s look at the facts.  Vastly different accounts of a number of cuts on his neck that did not cause his death: but the kind of asphyxiation while engaging in weird sexual activity, that so many are accidentally dying of these days did him in…   The papers wanted you to know is the extension cord she used for this was green.  The message is loud and clear; If your daughter is raped; It’s her fault. There won’t be any help coming to her. She alone, will be left to pick up all her broken dreams.