Law-abiding mum attacks police — (Bexhill on Sea)

SSRI Ed note: Mom-of-3 drinks while on antidepressants, gets into uncharacteristic altercation with police, is abusive. Medication and drink blamed.

Original article no longer available

Bexhill on Sea

20 December 2005

A MOTHER of three became involved in an uncharacteristic altercation with police after mixing medication with alcohol last month.

Sherry Illett, 29, of Preston Road, claimed anti-depression medication could have contributed to her violent struggle with two police officers on November 12 last year.
Hastings magistrates sentenced Illett to 60 hours unpaid work and ordered she pay £25 to each officer when she appeared in court on Tuesday last week.
The court heard she had become involved in an argument outside a nightclub, and had assailed police with abusive language. Illett compounded the offence by struggling violently with officers when they attempted to restrain her. She pleaded guilty to harassment, alarm or distress, and two counts of assaulting a police officer. Kim Goodall, defending, highlighted her previous good character, and pointed to the mixture of drink and medication as the likely cause of her behaviour.
He said: “You’re looking at someone who has no previous convictions and has never been through any court system before. It’s highly out of character, and she’s now lost her hitherto good character record.”