Police Standoff in Shawneetown — (wsiltv)

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By: Clint Misselhorn, cmisselhorn@wsiltv.com

SHAWNEETOWN– More light is being shed on a man’s standoff with police Saturday in Shawneetown. 27 year old Mark Harmon of Shawneetown was taken into custody Saturday night by a tactical response team. This came hours after Harmon went into his parents home, threatened them and threatened any law enforcement personnel that might try to stop him.

“I didn’t get alarmed until I saw the SWAT team come in and I thought, my God, something bad is going on for them to be here. What you see on television shows and stuff, I knew it had to be bad” said Everett Roe Junior, a neighbor to Harmon.

According to state police, Harmon went to his parents house at 286 West Logan Street in an agitated state. He was armed with an M-16 assault rifle and a handgun. According to Harmon’s ex-wife, Ashley Price, he spent 11 years in the army and knows how to use a gun.

Price said, “This was all a big misunderstanding, but with the medications Harmon is on and and his military experience, I guess his parents had to call the police.”

Officials said Harmon was on medication for a medical condition, which ultimately made him fall asleep. This allowed for his parents to leave the house and authorities to take him into custody. A day after the stand-off, neighbors say they are still in shock.

Roe said, “We’ve got a nice neighborhood here and things like this just don’t happen. Well, they don’t happen in Shawneetown far as that goes, let alone in this part of town.”

Harmon was taken to the Harrisburg Medical Center for evaluation directly following the incident. His ex-wife said he has made threats in the past, but only to himself and that he has suffered from depression for a long time. Gallatin County Authorities are reviewing evidence as they decide whether or not to press charges.