Paris Hilton may be ordered back to jail! — (GaySocialites)

SSRI Ed note: Bitchy article complains that Paris Hilton got special treatment and was released from jail because of inadequate medication management.

Original article no longer available


Paris Hilton was released from jail early on Thursday morning, but a judge may very well send the socialite heiress back to the slammer as early as Friday.

L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo filed papers late Thursday leading to a new hearing at 9am on Friday morning.  Judge Michael Sauer will examine why the Sheriff’s Department released Paris even though the judge previously demanded that Hilton serve her sentence behind bars.

The papers filed on Thursday ask the Sheriff’s Department to show why it should not be held in contempt of court for violating Judge Sauer’s May 4, 2007 order, which expressly stated “no electronic monitoring.”

LA County Sheriff Lee Baca has come under fire for showing favoritism towards celebs, and for that reason this case could go down in history!

I would admire Paris Hilton so much more if she would just buck up and serve her sentence. has learned that she was released because there was no one on hand at the jail to administer her anti-depressants and other medications to stablize her mood.