Doctor kills self after malpractice verdict — (St. Petersburg Times)

SSRI Ed note: Florida urologist facing malpractice suit takes antidepressants. Loses case, commits suicide.
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St. Petersburg Times


Published May 4, 2006

Lawrence Grey, who specialized in vasectomy reversals, had been ordered to pay a former patient $1-million

TAMPA, Fla. A Florida urologist killed himself a few hours after a jury awarded a former patient $1 million in a malpractice claim.

Dr. Lawrence Grey’s wife found him dead, the St. Petersburg Times reported. He had hanged himself in a bedroom closet in their home in Tampa.

Grey specialized in reversing vasectomies, using equipment he said he had designed himself. In the lawsuit, a man who went through the surgery in 2002 claimed that Grey had left two pieces of gauze in his scrotum, something the doctor said was impossible.

Timothy Moran, a Jacksonville lawyer who represented the plaintiff, blamed Grey’s insurance company for not settling the case. He said he had made two settlement offers, one for $250,000 — the limit under Grey’s insurance coverage — and one for $175,000. The verdict makes Grey’s business liable for $750,000.

While Moran described Grey as “upbeat” and “very cordial” during the trial, his wife said the verdict upset him badly. Police said they found anti-depressants and an anti-anxiety drug in his home.