Police use CS gas to restrain man in hospital — (News & Star)

SSRI Ed note: Man who recently changed antidepressants drinks, becomes suicidal, agitated, has to be restrained.

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By Staff Reporter

Last updated 11:43, Monday, 19 May 2008

POLICE had to use CS gas to restrain a hospital patient who threw a wooden lectern at them in the chapel of the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven.

Nicholas James Rudd, 37, of Dean Close, Frizington, had taken refuge in the chapel after he went to hospital threatening to kill himself, magistrates heard.

He was shouting and swearing at staff, wandered into the staff room and grabbed a fire extinguisher which he swung around.

Rudd denied being found drunk in charge of his car while it was parked at the hospital and told the court he had no intention of driving and had been affected by medication.

A breath test showed his alcohol level was twice the legal limit for driving – 71 mcgms in 100 ml of breath.

Rudd was found guilty and sentence was deferred for a month for psychiatric reports.

Rudd told the court he wanted to end his life that day and had driven to the hospital to try and get checked into the mental health ward.

He drank some vodka while he was there and had earlier had a pint of lager.

“I was going to use battery acid or anti-freeze and there is no going back after drinking that,” he said.

“I drove to the hospital for psychiatric help.”

Rudd told the court he had been taking anti-depressants for two years but had changed his tablets.

Police were called because of his behaviour.

John Rice, a porter at the hospital, phoned the police.

“He was shouting and swearing was behaving in a violent and abusive manner,” he said. “He wandered into the staff room and helped himself to meals, before he grabbed a fire extinguisher and was swinging it around.”

Rudd was located in the hospital chapel and PC Scott, said: “I was in fear for my own personal safety. He was volatile and aggressive and shouted at us: ‘The first one who comes in here (into the chapel) dies’.”

Rudd threw the lectern at them and was restrained using CS gas and arrested.