Man can’t understand why cops would shoot his wife — (WHAS 11)

SSRI Ed note: Woman on antidepressants has episode of aggression, threatens police, they shoot her in the leg.

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05:26 PM EDT on Thursday, June 17, 2004

Ernest Thomason knows his wife as a smiling, confident woman who is an avid runner.
She’s not a violent person at all, he says. She’s the sweetest, kindest person around. When she started this medicine, she just went off.
Forty-five-old Gale Thomason was taking medication for depression and anxiety. On Wednesday, Ernest decided Gale needed to go back to a psychiatrist and filed a mental inquest warrant with Louisville Metro police.
We was trying to figure out a way to get her to see a shrink and what concerned us is that she was saying the devil was making her do this, he says. That’s kind of scary.
When police tried to serve the warrant at the couple’s apartment off Greenwood Road, police say she was violent and came at them swinging a knife.
I just knew they’d shot her. I figured they killed her.
Officer Shannon Harris shot Gale once in the leg.
She’s got her leg broke about halfway down. Her knee bone’s shattered. Going in this morning and they are gonna put steel pins in it. Ernest believes the shooting could have been prevented if the department already had tasers in place.
If they’d hit her with one of those, at least she wouldn’t have her leg broke.
Additional charges for Gale Thomason are still pending. She was a teacher for a catholic school in Louisville several years ago. Her husband says she’s been taking anti-depressants for the past few years.
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