Ex-Falmouth cop, retired on disability, arrested twice — (Cape Cod Media Group)

SSRI Ed note: Policeman on antidepressants goes on disability, leaves job, stops taking meds, assaults wife, becomes "short-fused", assaults wife, is charged.

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Cape Cod Media Group

 By Aaron Gouveia,  STAFF WRITER

December 21, 2007

Mark Cusolito, 32, on disability retirement from the Falmouth police, in court yesterday.

FALMOUTH ­ Mark Cusolito, an ex-local police officer on disability retirement and son of retired police chief David Cusolito, was arrested yesterday morning after a domestic dispute. He was arrested a second time last night for violating a restraining order, police said.

Police responded to Cusolito’s home on Altons Way shortly after 9 a.m. yesterday and found a relative of Cusolito’s “crying and very upset,” according to a police report. The alleged victim claimed Cusolito had beaten her on multiple occasions starting Sunday, and had also verbally abused her, police said.

After taking two witness accounts, police placed Cusolito under arrest, then took him to Falmouth District Court, where he was arraigned on multiple charges.

Cusolito, 32, pleaded not guilty to two felony charges of intimidating a witness, threatening to commit a crime and a misdemeanor assault and battery charge, according to court documents.

Although prosecutors asked for $5,000 cash bail, Cusolito was released on personal recognizance.

He was released with a “stay away” warning and prohibited from contacting the alleged victim, who was also granted a restraining order shortly after the arraignment. A pretrial hearing was set for Jan. 25.

After his court appearance, however, Cusolito violated the conditions of his release and was arrested again last night, according to Falmouth police Patrolman Sean Doyle.

According to police, the alleged victim said problems began Sunday, when an argument got physical. During a domestic dispute, Cusolito hit the alleged victim several times and laughed at her, according to the police report.

Since Sunday, the alleged victim claims she was “punched all over her body,” smacked, choked, pushed and head-butted, police said. The woman also claims she was kept prisoner in the house because Cusolito wouldn’t let her leave and destroyed her cell phone.

When the alleged victim attempted to leave yesterday, the violence apparently intensified. Police said Cusolito “began to punch and threaten her” then placed her in a choke hold and dragged her down a hallway.

Another adult living in the home broke up the fight, then the alleged victim ran outside yelling for help, and a man working across the street called police.

In the police report, Cusolito claims the alleged victim hit him and threw toys at him, although he admitted to grabbing her and forcing her toward the door. Both the alleged victim and the adult roommate said Cusolito recently stopped taking his prescription medication to treat depression and has been “short fused,” according to police.

Cusolito was allowed to retire from the Falmouth Police Department after an absence of more than two years on disability leave.

After booking, police said he began screaming at another officer claiming “you are out to get me,” and he allegedly unleashed an expletive-laden tirade against the officer, which drew an intimidation charge.

Cusolito’s attorney, Robert Nolan, admitted his client and the alleged victim have had a “contentious relationship” but said a previous restraining order was rescinded when Cusolito presented audio and video proof that she was threatening him.

Aaron Gouveia can be reached at agouveia@capecodonline.com. Staff writer K.C. Myers contributed to this report.