Prozac: Generic version is target of lawsuit — (Indy Star)

SSRI Ed note: Policeman on fluoxetine hears voices, shoots and kills himself, widow files lawsuit.

Original article no longer available

Indy Star

April 2, 2006

by Jeff Swiatek

Prozac lawsuits have gone generic. One of the first wrongful-death claims filed against a seller of generic Prozac is moving toward an October trial in the state of Washington.

Defendant Par Pharmaceutical began selling a generic form of Prozac soon after Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and Co. lost U.S. patent protection on the antidepressant in 2001.
The plaintiff is the widow of a police officer, Douglas Radke, who was taking Par’s generic Prozac when he began hearing voices and shot himself.
The judge in the case recently ruled that Massachusetts psychiatrist Joseph Glenmullen, who wrote a book on antidepressant- induced suicide, may testify as an expert witness in the trial.
The plaintiff’s attorney in the case: Houston lawyer Andy Vickery, an old foe of Lilly in Prozac cases.