Trial begins for man charged in death of estranged wife — (WWAYTV3)

SSRI Ed note: Man separated from wife takes Paxil, goes to her home and kills her by shooting through the windows.
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By: Jeremy Godwin

Sept 28, 2004

The International Coalition for Drug Awareness confirmed from Robert Hewson’s own correspondence that he was on Paxil at the time of the murder.

Robert Hewson is on trial for murder in a New Hanover County court. He’s charged with killing his estranged wife, Gail Tice. Thursday the jury saw more evidence taken from the victim’s home, which became a crime scene on Sept. 29 of last year.Jurors heard and saw a lot about the physical evidence around the crime scene, including pictures of the murder weapon and the victim.

The state’s case is relying a lot on DNA evidence collected at Gail Tice’s, Landfall condo. During testimony Thursday jurors heard about crime scene investigators collecting blood from inside and outside the house.

Blood found inside matched the victim, Gail Tice. Blood found on window sills outside matched Robert Hewson. Prosecutors say it proves Hewson shot Gail through the windows, close enough to be cut by the shattered glass.

Also inside the house, investigators found bullets fired from a .38 caliber revolver. The shell casings for those bullets turned up outside the house. Prosecutors also entered a gun shot residue test into evidence Thursday. It tied Hewson to the gun that fired those bullets.

Testimony resumes Friday morning. Judge Fullwood told jurors though, they’d only be there until 1 p.m.