Church Sends Priest Charged With Indecent Exposure To Maryland — (

SSRI Ed note: Priest being treated for depression switches medication, exposes himself to mom with 2 young kids. Charged.


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July 20, 2006

A Catholic Bishop blames depression and a change in medication for the behavior of a priest who was charged with a misdemeanor after exposing himself to a woman on a Kearney street last month.
After being charged, the Reverend Mark Maresh of Elm Creek was sent by the church to Saint Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland.
In an interview,the victim described the incident for the Kearney Hub.
“I could see everything,” she said. The woman was walking with her children, ages 3 and 4, at the time.
Bishop William Dendinger of Grand Island said priests afflicted depression, psychological and emotional problems are treated at the institute in Maryland.
In a prepared statement for parishioners, the Hub reported, Dendinger said: “As you may know, Father Mark has been dealing with depression for six or more years. He has been working with counselors and using medication to cope with depression. Recently, he switched medication, which had an adverse effect.”
Maresh, 41, is scheduled to appear in Buffalo County Court later this month. The misdemeanor is punishable by a fine and/or a maximum of six months in jail.