Fired prosecutor blames nude walk on meds — (Reality TV World)

SSRI Ed note: Public prosecutor fired for walking nude around civic building at night.

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A former Hamilton, Ohio, city prosecutor claims the nude walk that led to his firing was caused by medication and a brain injury.
Judge Thomas Nurre ruled June 25 that Scott Blauvelt, 36, who was fired after security cameras caught him taking late-night nude walks through the city Government Services Center, was entitled to civil-service job protection, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Friday.
The decision, which City Law Director Hillary Stevenson said she plans to appeal, requires a civil service panel to hold a hearing on whether to return Blauvelt to his position.

Mike Gmoser, an attorney representing Blauvelt, said his client’s 2006 nude walks through the government building were caused, in part, by side effects of a medication he was taking that is used to treat depression and seizures. He said a brain injury Blauvelt sustained during a 2005 car crash also contributed to his unusual actions.

“These issues are in the past for Scott,” Gmoser said. “He’s just a good, solid guy who wants his job back.”