I-Team: Public Defender Made Threats At Courthouse — (WBAL TV)

SSRI Ed note: Public defender taking Xanax and Zoloft threatens to shoot and kill co-workers and officials, is removed from duties.

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POSTED: 5:24 pm EDT May 9, 2007

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore attorney with the public defender’s office was put on administrative leave and ordered to undergo an emergency evaluation after allegedly making threats that officials are taking very seriously, the WBAL TV 11 News I-Team has learned.

Workers at Baltimore City District Court on Wabash Avenue expressed concern about what allegedly happened on April 27.

According to a court document that was a petition for a mental evaluation, public defender Sergey Zaytsev allegedly made threats to kill, shoot and harm co-workers and other officials at the courthouse.

He has since been banned from the courthouse and all state buildings. Court officials and security said they are taking the potential threats he made seriously, posting a picture of Zaytsev at courthouses around the city.

The court document also said that police believed him to be a danger to the life and safety of himself and others because he had access to an unknown number or type of weapons and that he made threats in reference to bringing guns to work. It also said Zaytsev had access to a shotgun and other long guns.

The detective who wrote the report also said Zaytsev was prescribed Xanex and Zoloft and failed to show up for appointments with his doctor.

Officials with the public defender’s office said they have no information that would lead them to believe that the performance of his duties was less than adequate and that Zaytsev was adequately representing his clients.

The public defender’s office said that anyone who has had Zaytsev as a public defender in the past can give its office a call if they have questions.

Should you see him in the courthouse or any state buildings, officials said to call bailiffs and notify a supervisor.

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