BREAKING NEWS: Greg Williams Soon to Be Ex-ESPN Radio Host—(Dallas Observer)

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Dallas Observer

By Richie Whitt in Radio, TV and that Damned Media

Monday, May. 11 2009 @ 1:00PM

Don’t have this 100-percent confirmed, but all signs are pointing to Greg Williams being out at 103.3 FM ESPN Radio.

Last week I alerted you that Williams sounded incoherent on last Tuesday night’s Choppy & Greggo show. He blamed it on a change in anti-depressant medication.

But over the weekend, I heard that Greggo met with ESPN head honchos – including the dreaded HR – last Thursday and likely wouldn’t be back on the air.

I’ve got calls into ESPN program director Tom Lee and Williams. But while waiting for a response I perused the station’s website and discovered a telling change:

Williams has already been erased.

No Williams blog. No Choppy & Greggo page. Not a single mention of his name.

After snorting and lying his way out of wildly successful career at The Ticket, Williams got his second chance with ESPN back in September. But now Williams won’t be on the air at ESPN tonight. Or, apparently, ever again.

The Hammer’s sad saga grows sadder.