Rap over release of killer pair — (The Mirror)

SSRI Ed note: Man on Effexor stamps his friend to death, man "allowed to come off his medication" kills his girlfriend. Schizophrenia blamed. Wrong lessons learned.

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17 May 2008


[According to Antidepaware inquest information revealed that Derek Field was taking venlafaxine at the time of the killing]

A health trust was blasted yesterday over two violent schizophrenics who killed within weeks of each other upon release.

Gary Roberts, 41, battered girlfriend Jayne Poppy to death six years ago after being allowed to come off his medication.

And Derek Field, 27, stamped on friend Paschal Hand after telling doctors of “homicidal thoughts”.

Yesterday two reports into South Essex Partnership NHS Trust revealed serious blunders in care.

The Strategic Health Authority recommended changes including reducing locum consultants and hiring care co-ordinators.

Dr Paul Cosford, regional public health boss, said: “It’s clear there were lessons to be learnt.”