Reader's Letter — (SSRI Stories)

December 12, 2014

Reader’s Letter to SSRIStories:

I need to talk for all the children, teens, women and men who died from antidepressants, and for those who are suffering because of them.    Here is my story:

I ‘ve been depressed since my teens because of bullying in school.  I started taking pills to treat it in 2011.  I took citalopram for 3 years and my depression get worse.  I was so depressed I wanted to die.

After those 3 years I thought Cymbalta would resolve all and that the former drug was ineffective.  I felt well at first under Citalopram but then my depression get worse than ever.  With Cymbalta it was the same story: at first I was well and then my depression get worse than ever.  I was in hospital for a month for suicidal thoughts and deep depression.  I was at the point of  wanting to kill myself.  They put me back on 60 mg and then 90 mg of Cymbalta, even though the doctors should have known that the drug was not effective. But at that time I trusted the doctors and I never thought that the antidepressants were causing my depression, and the suicidal thoughts, anger, and paranoia.   So same story again… At first I felt better with the Cymbalta but when they increased the dose I got worse again.

This time, I decided to stop taking the antidepressant after doing some research and finding out the truth about these drugs.   I am now taking 60 mg instead of the 90 mg my doctor prescribed, to try to get off this drug gradually.

The doctor is not sure if it is good to reduce it further as the withdrawal effects affect my health.  I can’t walk easily, all my muscles hurt, I have nausea, dizziness,  and I’m so tired I sleep all day but I’m really motivated to stop this drug and to not taking anymore pills.

I’ve created to alert people to the dangers and truth behind those psychiatric drugs.  These drugs ruined my life.