Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Death of Corporal Jordan Leigh Talay — (Commission report)

SSRI Ed note: Man, 27, high performer in Australian air force, takes antidepressants, is suicidal, uses defence internet for child porn, hangs himself.

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COI Hearings concluded 3 December 2009

Excerpts (not in order presented in report)

17. CPL Jordan Leigh Talay was born at Albury, New South Wales, on 23 December 1981.

2. For some time, CPL Talay had been suffering from, and undergoing treatment within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Health System for, major depression.

30.  At the time of his death, CPL Talay was suffering from endigenous depression, for which he was being treated within the ADF medical system.

31. ADF medical authorities first became aware of CPL Talay’s mental health condition on 8 Sept 2005…

32.  CPL Talay was started on a course of medication and referred to a Clinical Psychologist, Dr Nicholas.

33.  On 30 Nov 2005, Dr Nicholas reports that CPL Talay had a marked reduction in depression; that his medication was agreeing with him; and that he felt calm and in control of his life.   On 7 Sept 2006, CPL Talay had improved to the extent that he was taken off his anti-depressant medication.

21.  CPL Talay was awarded the Australian Defence Medal on 17 April 2007.

34.   In late April 2007 CPL Talay was seen by Mrs Talay “…white and shaking.  He was crying” after apparently having “…just lost it at work”.    On Saturday, 28 April 2007, Dr Raj Joshi recommendced CPL Talay on medication.

24. CPL Talay returned to work on 16 July 2007… shortly after, CPL Talay’s command chain became aware that he was the suvject of an investigation into his alleged use of the Defence Restricted Network (DRN) to access inappropriate internet sites.   Some of these sites contained child pornography and some of these images were allegedly downloaded by CPL Talay.

1. CPL Talay, an Aircraft technician with Number 3 Squadron, was found hanged in his bedroom at his private residence on the evening of 15 January 2008.

29.  On the night of the death, Mrs Talay told  Police that CPL Talay had said to her on a number of occasions that he wanted to commit suicide.

[The report concludes with a number of recommendations related to process and suicide awareness training.   Depression medication is not identified as a potential contributing factor in Cpl Talay’s uncharacteristic behaviour, suicidality, or death]