Row led to suicide; Young mum hanged herself after falling out with pals — (The Evening Chronicle)

SSRI Ed note: Young mum on antidepressants argues with friends, later hangs herself, leaving a young daughter.

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The Evening Chronicle

August 4, 2011


A MOTHER was found hanging in a Tyneside wood after a row with friends, an inquest heard.

Rachel Black had recently moved to the North East with her young daughter to be among pals and start a new life.

But in March this year, a Saturday night house party turned sour after the 25-year-old fell out with her close group of friends, the inquest at Newcastle Civic Centre heard.

She was found by passers-by hanging from a tree in woodland near Ormiston Close, in Lemington, Newcastle, two-days later after attempts to amend the friendships failed.

Police and paramedics were called but nothing could be done to save her. She had been on medication for depression.

Sgt Mark Phillips told the court that Miss Black had last been seen when she arrived to pick her daughter up from school on the Monday afternoon.

He said: “When police were at the scene, officers were approached by a group of girls looking for Rachel.

“We found out there had been a falling out between Rachel and the group over the weekend before this incident, which happened on a Monday.

“Rachel had taken her daughter to school on the Monday morning and she was collected by Rachel in the afternoon.

“At that time, there were attempts by Rachel to talk to one of her friends, Cheryl Smith, but because Cheryl didn’t want to talk in relation to what had happened over the weekend, Rachel left her daughter with Cheryl and left the playground.

“She left on her own and gave no indication of where she was going. She had said she was sorry about the events that had taken place at a house party on the previous Saturday night. She also said she knew she was a bad mother.

“She then left her daughter with Cheryl and walked away.

“There was a house party on the Saturday night and a fall-out had occurred. It appears the complaint seems to arise because Rachel’s daughter was present at the party.”

Rachel was found a few hours later in woods within walking distance of the school.

Cheryl and a group of girls approached officers at the scene having heard rumours a woman’s body had been discovered and expressing concerns for Rachel’s welfare.

Sgt Phillips confirmed there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death and no third party appeared to be involved.

Dr Kirsten Hope, a pathologist at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, confirmed that Rachel had died from “pressure on the neck due to hanging”.

Returning a verdict of suicide, coroner David Mitford said: “It is tragic case, particularly as she leaves a child.”