Son butted wall in row with mum — (The Halifax Courier)

SSRI Ed note: Young man violently over-reacts during argument with his mom, damages walls and ceiling with weights in a fit of rage.

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The Halifax Courier

Published 16:30 Friday o7 September 2007  Last Updated: 07 September 2007 3:30 PM

A SON punched and butted the wall and ceiling in his mum’s house after she refused to lend him money.
Robert Cairns, 21, of Thackery Street, Halifax, admitted damaging his mum’s home in Lincoln Way, Boothtown, Halifax, on August 13.
Andy Wills, prosecuting, said Cairns had been at home with his mum when he asked her for some money.
She refused and an argument escalated from there.
Cairns butted the wall, causing damage.
His outraged mum then called his sister and the two continued the argument.
Cairns picked up some weights and punched the walls. He then punched the ceiling.
Police were called and he resisted officers trying to put handcuffs on him.
Cairns, representing himself, said: “I was really angry on the day not just because I didn’t have any money but because I am on anti-depressants as well. I am guilty for what I have done.”
He was given a nine-month community order with supervision and was ordered to pay £60 costs.