Son jailed for race attack on his dad

SSRI Ed note: Young man on antidepressants becomes physically, verbally abusive, destroys property, police are called, he resists arrest, is charged and fined.

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The North-West Evening Mail

Published on 04/06/2007

A SON who racially abused his father and smashed up the family home has been jailed.

Stephen Mark Darby, 30, hurled racist abuse at his father, George Dixon, who is of Asian origin, during the incident in Barrow on April 2.

Darby also kicked him in the groin and said: “you’ve signed your own death warrant dad.”

Furness Magistrates’ Court heard Darby became aggressive towards his mother, Dianne Dixon, and demanded his tea when he arrived at their Park Road home.

Prosecuting, Mr David Mellor, told the court on Thursday: “Stephen was quite aggressive and Mrs Dixon felt threatened by his behaviour.

“He went into the kitchen and smashed a glass so she called her husband who asked Stephen what was wrong.

“Stephen asked his father if he wanted to start, before going into the bedroom.

“He came back and smashed a DVD player which he had taken out of the bedroom.

“He then threw a broken DVD player and television into the hallway before becoming abusive towards Mr Dixon.”

Magistrates heard Darby continued to act aggressively and shout abuse to his parents and the police.

Mr Mellor said: “He did not calm down when the police arrived and was still abusive when he was put in handcuffs and resisted arrest.

“When he was later interviewed by police he said his behaviour was affected by taking too much antidepressant medication.”

Darby was also arrested on April 30 after police were called to his previous bail address in Millom.

Friends and family members said he had been drinking all day and did not want him staying at the Devonshire Close address any longer.

Darby pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to property valued under £5,000, racially aggravated common assault and resisting arrest from a police constable.

Sentencing Darby, presiding magistrate Mrs Sharon Stephenson, said: “These offences are so serious that only a custodial sentence can be justified.”

She gave him a 120-day jail term.