Sotheby’s expert who was worried about turning 30 hanged herself after failing to cope with her stressful job —(Daily Mail)

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PUBLISHED: 08:28, 22 January 2014 | UPDATED: 10:14, 22 January 2014

Sotheby’s art expert who was worried about turning 30 hanged herself having complained about suffering significant stress at work, an inquest heard.

Sophie Trevelyan Thomas, 29, said she struggled with a heavy workload at the world famous auction house in London and had wanted to quit, Westminster Coroner’s Court was told.

Her inquest heard yesterday that she had suicidal thoughts about no longer being in her twenties, a birthday due next Sunday, and had also felt insecure after a 2007 burglary at home.

Tragedy: Sotheby’s worker Sophie Trevelyan Thomas, identified by Associated Press looking at Pablo Picasso’s painting ‘Le Baiser’ in 2008, was found dead last November

The Old Masters expert was found dead in her flat in Battersea, South London, last November.

Miss Trevelyan Thomas’s brother William found her after checking in on her because she had failed to reply to messages about a family dinner.

He told the paramedic she had been having ‘problems at work’ at Sotheby’s, where she had been employed for six years.

Police found a suicide note in a book near the body, in which Miss Trevelyan Thomas had written ‘I can’t cope any more’, the inquest heard.

The art expert had been seeing psychologist Amy Matheson since 2007, where she complained about problems sleeping after a break-in at home.

Workplace: Sophie Trevelyan Thomas, 29, said she struggled with her stressful job at Sotheby’s in London and had wanted to quit before she killed herself.

In 2012 she told her that she was having work issues and had planned to resign after Christmas, the inquest heard.

The psychologist said in a statement that Miss Trevelyan Thomas had been ‘feeling sad all the time’ but had ruled out suicide because ‘it was not easy to do and it would be awful for her mother’.

Miss Trevelyan Thomas’s GP, Sheila Fitzgerald, said in a statement that her patient had ‘fleeting’ thoughts about killing herself before her next birthday, but had never self-harmed or attempted suicide.

Hearing: An inquest at Westminster Coroner’s Court in London heard that the art expert had been found by her worried brother William after she failed to respond to calls and texts

She complained of a ‘low mood’ and was prescribed antidepressants.

William Dolman, the coroner, said that Miss Trevelyan Thomas was ‘someone who had achieved a great deal during her life but found work pressurised and was thinking of resigning her post in the new year’.

He recorded a verdict of suicide and said she was disturbed ‘because she was undoubtedly suffering a psychological condition at the time’.

Her father Adrian is a barrister specialising in planning and her mother Kate is a GP.  Her sister Tessa, 31, is a City lawyer and William, 27, works for a venture capital firm. They did not attend the inquest.

Sotheby’s refused to comment.

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