S'porean doctor Chew Sung Lock, 45, dies from accidental drug overdose — (CN Tianjin)

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CN Tianjin

Updated: 30 Mar 2011

A Singaporean doctor died from an accidental overdose of drugs at a flat in Jurong East Street 21 in March last year following a similar incident seven months earlier in a hotel room, a coroner’s court heard.
Dr Chew Sung Lock, 45, a resident doctor with SMU Medicare clinic, was found lying on the floor of his unit with the door half-opened but the gate padlocked by a resident on March 29 who thought he was asleep.
He and his family were living in a house in the East Coast area. The next day, when the neighbour found him in the same position, he called the police.
Dr Chew’s wife had reported him missing on March 29 after she failed to reach him. She was worried about his heart condition as he had been taking medication for his stroke, as well as his heart and thyroid conditions.
At a coroner’s inquest into his death on Monday, the court heard that Dr Chew had confided in his wife early last year that he was stressed over his work.
He was also very sad over his father’s death in March last year.
The court heard that Dr Chew, a former stroke patient, was admitted to Changi General Hospital in late July 2009 for overdosing on anti-depressants and sleeping pills at a hotel in Changi.
A psychiatrist had found that he was not depressed nor suicidal. Dr Chew had checked into the hotel as he had had an argument with his wife and wanted to sleep it off.
His wife had told police that he was a loving husband and father to their three children.


SOURCE: Daily Chilli