Suicide double at station — (The Watford Observer)

SSRI Ed note: Two men in mid-30's, receiving "treatment" for mental illness, one on Prozac, jump in front of train at same station within days of each other.

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The Watford Observer

11 Feb 2003 11:30

TWO men committed suicide at Catford Bridge train station within days of each other, Southwark Coroner’s Court heard.

Ian Crompton, aged 35, of Catford Broadway, crouched in front of a train at 10pm, on September 28, last year.

The father-of-four had a history of depression and stress and his GP had prescribed him prozac and anti-depressants.

Train driver Adrian Voice broke down as he gave evidence, saying: “I saw nothing, just the image of a man squat down. No one was near him.”

A 10-member jury decided Mr Crompton killed himself while in a state of depression.

Commuters also saw Alan Bradley, aged 37, of a Stanstead Road hostel, jump in front of the 8.36am London-bound train on October 11.

Mr Bradley, who was receiving treatment for mental illness, told another resident at the hostel he was going to commit suicide, on the day of his death.

The jury recorded a verdict that he killed himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed.