Cumbrian suicide man ‘hated himself for his past’ – inquest — (News and Star)

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Last updated at 11:43, Thursday, 06 October 2011

A man who was found dead in a Whitehaven wood left a suicide note asking for God’s forgiveness for his past wrongdoings.

Eric Abbott, formerly Eric Scurr, was found hanged near Mirehouse Pond on March 20.

An inquest found he intended to take his own life after hearing he had voiced suicidal thoughts in the weeks leading up to his death.

Mr Abbott, 58, who was from Mirehouse, had latterly lived at The Crescent, Carlisle and had a criminal conviction from his 20s.

His partner, Margaret McVey, who had travelled down from Troon for his inquest, said Mr Abbott had suffered with depression and anxiety since 2002.

He took medication but in the two weeks before his death had been particularly tortured and confused.

She said: “He begged me to take him to hospital.’’

Miss McVey said he had stopped washing and changing his clothes.

She had taken him to A&E on February 22 and he had been seen by the crisis team who found he had a chronic anxiety problem and suicidal tendencies. They offered therapies and possible referrals but he did not wish to take them up.

Miss McVey said Mr Abbott was worried that by going to hospital he had somehow betrayed his GP, who he thought very highly of.

“He was very regretful about that time in his past, so remorseful, he hated himself for it,’’ she said, and agreed that was a major factor in his mental state.

Deputy coroner Simon Ward said he was satisfied that Mr Abbott had intended to take his own life.

He said: “It is clear he had a lot of things on his mind, including things he had done in the past for which he was very sorry.’’