Suicide verdict on 21-year-old found hanged at Beverley Westwood — (Hull Daily Mail)

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Hull Daily Mail

Posted: June 30, 2010

A 21-year-old who was found hanged at Beverley Westwood was upset over a relationship break-up.  Jonathon Wilson was found lifeless at the beauty spot following an argument with his ex-girlfriend, an inquest heard.

The Hull College student, who suffered from a rare childhood brain condition, had sought help for depression weeks before his death.

His mother Karen Wilson raised the alarm and called the police to search for her son after he rang to say he was going to kill himself.

 Mrs Wilson, of Southfield Nurseries, in Barmston Lane, Woodmansey, told Hull Coroners’ Court: “I knew he wasn’t coming home at that point, because that wasn’t my son speaking.”

At eight-years-old, Jonathon, or Johnny as he was known, was diagnosed with Landau-Kleffner, which can cause epileptic fits and changes in mood and behaviour.

Mrs Wilson said he had coped “very well” with it and had stopped his medication for the condition as a teenager.

The inquest heard that the former Longcroft School student had an “intense” relationship with an 18-year-old girl, but last Christmas she told him she only wanted to be friends with him.

Mrs Wilson said: “He was upset about it.  “He was unable to move on with his life because his heart belonged to her.”

Earlier this year, Jonathon’s mother suspected he had taken an overdose of Paracetamol after she found empty tablet packets and vomit in his bedroom.

In February, she took her son to see a doctor.

He told his GP he had been suffering with anger, sleep disturbances and disillusions that something bad was going to happen to his family.

He was offered medication for depression, which his family believe he did not take.

Jonathon was then offered an appointment with the Beverley Community Medical Health Team on March 5, but failed to keep his appointment.

At about 6.45pm on March 10, he and his ex-girlfriend had an argument at the house he shared with his parents. She went home and Jonathon followed her, but she refused to speak to him.

After visiting his aunt, he returned home at around 10pm and told his mother he would be staying out for the evening.

After 11.15am, he sent a series of texts and made phone calls to his mother and tried unsuccessfully to contact his ex-girlfriend.

Mrs Wilson spent 10 minutes trying to talk her son into coming home to talk.

After a brief, angry call from her son at 11..45am, Mrs Wilson rang the police.

At 12.10am, officers from Beverley Police Station discovered his body.

Coroner Geoffrey Saul recorded a verdict of suicide.

He said: “When I look at all the matters together, I am satisfied that Johnny intended to take his own life.”