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Friday 24th May 2013

By Mike Murphy-Pyle, Chief Reporter

An obese insomniac died after taking potentially lethal doses of a range of prescription drugs and cocaine, a court heard.

Angela Dixie-Bradford died from a drug overdose at her home in Brunswick Road, Sutton, in February having spent years complaining medication for her chronic insomnia was not working.

An inquest, held at Croydon Coroner’s Court yesterday heard how an autopsy revealed potentially fatal levels of a range of anti-depressant and insomnia drugs as well as evidence of long-term cocaine use.

But South London Coroner Roy Palmer concluded there was no evidence to say Mrs Dixie-Bradford intended to take an overdose and returned an open verdict.

Mrs Dixie-Bradford’s GP, Dr Maio Chen of the Central Medical Practice in Morden, told the hearing she regularly complained that medication for her insomnia was not working and that she needed higher doses because of her size.

Dr Chen said the practice had concerns about Mrs Dixie-Bradford, who he called a “sweet girl” after she attempted to take an overdose several years ago and restricted the amount of drugs she had access to, although several boxes of pills were found at her home after her death.

He called for an ambulance but she stopped responding and breathing and efforts to revive her were in vain.

Mr Palmer said he heard no evidence that showed Mr Dixie-Bradford intended to kill herself.

He concluded: “We don’t know her intentions or what was going through her mind. The only proper conclusion I can record is an open verdict.”