Dressed Like Santa, Brookland Band Teacher Attacks Superintendent — (ABC News Region 8)

SSRI Ed note: Band teacher's wife injured at school, he takes antidepressants, dresses as Santa, goes to home of Superintendent with guns, attacks family. Charged.

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ABC News Region 8

Posted: Dec 28, 2007 06:11 PM CST    Updated: Dec 28, 2007 06:11 PM CST

JONESBORO, AR – A Brookland school employee is facing multiple charges after dressing up like Santa Claus and attacking the Brookland Superintendent and his family in their home Thursday night.

33-year-old Steven Vaughn, the high school band teacher at Brookland was arrested for kidnapping, burglary and attempted first degree murder charges.

Jonesboro police say Vaughn, dressed in a Santa Claus hat and beard, a red sweatshirt, black pants and gloves and drove to the Jonesboro home of Kevin McGaughey.  There he announced he was “I did not have a chance to bring you your Christmas present, so I brought it to you.”  When McGaughey invited him into his home, Vaughn, carrying a green container allegedly from the Brookland Football Boosters, pulled a .22 caliber pistol.

“He pulled a gun and ordered them to get on the ground; Kevin McGaughey tackled the man and his son Nathan.  Both of them fought him until they got the gun away from him,” said Detective Kenny Odham with the Jonesboro Police Department.

Kevin McGaughey received 30 stitches after being hit in the face with a vase he had just received for Christmas…he also suffered broken ribs, but he might have saved his family’s life.

Inside the green container was a five gallon gasoline can, lighter and trash bag.  His car outside had fictitious tags. “Found in the vehicle was another 9 mm pistol which was loaded,” said Odham.

There was also a black magazine with 32 rounds and a smaller magazine with bullets in it.  Vaughn’s family say they don’t know what happened or why.  His attorney suggests anesthesia from a recent surgery mixed with antidepressant could have played a role in the act.

“Did he look like he was doing ok or is he pretty upset?” asked reporter Heather Flanigan.

“No, no. He doesn’t look like he is doing ok at all,” answered his mother Nora, “He is under heavy medication, and he is not doing well at all.”

Police are not certain of a motive.  Vaughn’s wife, the Brookland Jr. High Band teacher, had resigned earlier after an injury following an altercation with a student.

“We believe it has to do with an incident that happened back in February when his wife was injured at the school,” said Odham.

Brookland High School principal Steven Hovis did confirm Friday afternoon that Steven Vaughn was still an employee of the school, but he was not sure if Superintendent McGaughey would return to back to school when classes resume on January 3rd.

Bond was not set for Vaughan Friday.  His attorney, John Barttlet, asked for and was granted a continuance until 1:00 p.m. January 2nd so a mental evaluation could be performed by Mid South Health Systems.